SEGMENT: FARM FACILITIES: Audio duration 05:15
The Freeport Gas Machine: duration 00:45
Light on the Farm: duration 01:48
SEGMENT: FARM EQUIPMENT: Audio duration 10:48
Saving the Farm: duration 00:56
Hobos Ride the Rails: duration 00:26
Throwing Apples at Hobos: duration 00:48
Miss Egan Learns to Farm: duration 01:59
Inheriting the Farm: duration 00:52
SEGMENT: FAMILY FARM: Audio duration 11:08
Scandinavian labor: duration 01:25
SEGMENT: TRANSPORTATION: Audio duration 07:50
SEGMENT: CROPS: Audio duration 06:34
SEGMENT: FARMING METHODS: Audio duration 09:07
Future of the Family Farm: duration 00:36
SEGMENT: FARMING: Audio duration 11:43
The Need for Communities: duration 00:58
Raise responsible citizens: duration 00:36