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"Wonder they didn't have more wrecks." Mentions fast passenger trains with 7ft drive wheels that would go 70-89mph. Description of location & construction of Honey Bend Train Depot. Used old rail bridge timbers for depot. Gory story of old man killed one cold winter morning when milk train was behind schedule & Detroit train (#3) hit him. Coroner said to pick up what you can & they scooped his remains up with shovels. Human flesh looked like mutton. (addenda item# 83, see Aikman 7, Clip# 784)
Mentions location of Honey Bend Post-Office which also had small grocery store. Mentions little bread sold in stores because most people baked their own. Also carried ham, salt, sugar, etc. Store owner charged Bert cost because Bert knew what it cost to ship in on the train. (addenda item# 83, see Aikman 7, Clip# 784)
"Those were ancient times." Story of cost of shipping supplies for general store & difficulty in getting $100 bill changed at depot, but Bert did not hold on to freight because he knew merchant was "… a good citizen." Mentions selling steamship tickets. (addenda item# 83, see Aikman 7, Clip# 784)