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Planted crops first in the fall of 1913-1914, after graduating from Milliken University. Paid hired men $30 a month. First year taxes were $150, which was paid off by a nickel premium from the mill owner. Now taxes are $3500. Made 1-2 trips per day with horses and wagon to bring grain to town. Recalls trips ten miles to Bluff Springs when they would stop at noon to eat cheese and crackers and drink soda in town. Watered their horses at a neighbor's farm. Left at five o'clock and got home at 9-10 o'clock. Horses were frightened by elevator equipment.
Was not allowed to play ball or whip cows on Sundays. Recalls grandfather's story about renting land in Scotland and how he smoked a pipe. Grandfather helped a hired man in the field once and fell of the wagon. Father died a year before grandfather, who died at 81. Grandfather always wore a white shirt. Bought his mother a washing machine once but it was not good. Recalls grandparents' opinions of America and how they moved to Illinois. Discusses relatives' children. Describes men praying in Gaelic in church.