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Bates Road testing was finished when he moved back to Illinois. Built hard road from Bates to either Loami or New Berlin, then built hard roads to Jacksonville. Pumped water from nearby farms' wells into a tank for use in building the road. Worked 9-10 hours each day until foreman told them to stop. Had to stay after to clean out mixers. Got overtime on Sundays.
Had first house with plumbing, bathroom, furnace, and electricity in 1938. Before running water, people had to pump water from the well and carry it into the house. Families shared outhouses before indoor plumbing. Hauled coal for coal stoves from coal mines in Springfield or along highway 36, or from the Bates railroad depot with two horses and wagon. Some farmers got KY coal, which was warmer and cleaner than local coal, but it was also more expensive. Hauled coal from a nearby mine when they lived at Prouty, then hauled coal from Springfield along MacArthur on highway 36 when they lived at Bates. Springfield mine stopped operations in early '50's. Had 6-8 people who mined year-round in the shaft mine.