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Description of doing laundry in hand-powered washing machines & using water boiled in a copper kettle. Made lye soap, 1 hard & 1 soft. Description of making soap & lye. Made lye & soap about once a year. Bought Ivory-Soap & later Lemox for laundry. White clothing/linens boiled. "All in a day's work." Some items starched with Argo. Mentions use of bluing & ironing. Discussion of ironing. Irons heated on stove. Irons had different weights. Washed 1 day & ironed the next. Most clothes bought in stores in town. Mentions growing herbs in garden. Discussion of German-fellow who raised bees & grew ginseng, sweet anise. Mother put ginseng put in pillows. Women did not use cosmetics or perfume, but did curl hair with curling irons.