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Family moved to Urbana in 1924. Father's health problem caused several years handicap. Enrolled in College of Agriculture as town student. Time of U of I expansion. Notes that popularity of Red Grange focused alumni and legislature on sports and funding. Memorial Stadium finished in 1923. Mumford Hall was new Ag building. Enrollment there was about 120. During Depression finances for college among farmers was low. He had some family support and worked summers; odd jobs - lawns, cleaned house, washed windows. Another job was giving surveys on oil furnaces. U.S. chamber of commerce gave him a job in a study of developing city markets for sale of local produce. He compiled statistics, charts, and graphs for Agronomy Department. Helped a professor remodel a rental house by removing calcimine-coated plaster walls. Before college worked on a farm for $1 a day plus board. Survey work paid 50 cents per survey, a lot to him. Member of Ag Club, sold advertising for the Ag magazine "Agriculturalist". He served as chairman of committee sponsoring welcome party for freshmen, joined Farmhouse Fraternity as a junior. Entered an essay contest on recommendation of a professor, Roscoe Snapp & won first prize. Interest of faculty the best thing about the school. Earned extra credits, finished degree early and started MA. Finished in spring of 1929.