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Good discussion of milking machines & dairy business. Milk machine broke & he just quit using it. Had to milk 2x/day. Early machines could draw blood if left on udder too long. Had mainly Holsteins. Did some artificial insemination. Discussion of calving, selling calves for veal, etc. In dairy business for 41 yrs. Dairy business just got to be too much, but he missed that milk check. Discussion of Grade A government requirements, including painting inside of barn, liming the floor, cleaning, etc. "Them inspectors would always want something else done." Story of inspector wanting well treated with Clorox, but Winfred refused. "We was clean enough." Story about ornery inspector McElroy who was held in disinfectant hall by farmer resulting in farmer's suspension for milk co-op for 2 wks. Milk during those 2 wks fed to hogs. Tells of price received for milk. Winfred fell out with several milk producers. Illinois Dairy fellow Karl White said Winfred's milk was dirty. Fellow in Sherman said milk was sour. But never had a problem with Producer's Dairy in Springfield. Tells of butterfat test & price received for milk. Mentions getting cream for home use. Discusses testing of each can of milk. Mrs. Mills never tried to milk cows and neither did daughter Ruth, "But Donald, he just went to it like a pig does to slop."