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Married and took on the responsibilities of housekeeping at her husband's farm. Asked her father to give them a piano instead of the traditional team of horses, cow, and sow. Mother gave them a kitchen cabinet. Had a home wedding with over 80 guests. Father would buy farms, fix them, and resell them to turn a profit, and he once worked in the courthouse as deputy assessor. Lived at sister-in-law's house in Pekin, IL, as newlyweds before moving to her husband's house. Father-in-law gave her a china cabinet to keep her dishes.
Hired men would come to house at 4 AM every morning to work through Thanksgiving, so she had to cook for them. Carpenter came to their house for dinner, and she fed all the hired men and boarders. Cooked alone for 40 or more people at threshing dinners, and served with a couple other people. Also served many men food when they butchered meat. Describes getting ice and storing it, and making ice cream to surprise her husband. Got a car in 1917.