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Began going to Christian church after marriage when they got a car. Was elected to the children's division soon afterwards. Grandmother had been statistical secretary of Menard County Sunday School Assoc.. Attended the statewide Sunday School Assoc. meeting. Describes the history of the organization. Became state chairman of children's work, then name changed to Illinois Council of Religious Education, became superintendant of her church's Sunday school, then changed churches after father died. Joined the Child Guidance Commission of the Illinois Church Council and was elected Christian Families chairman. Was elected president of the United Church Women. Did interdenominational/ecumenical work. Traveled as a part of her responsibilities, and tried to take care of her family at the same time. Was encouraged by grandmother to do ecumenical work. Describes the beginning of the Evangelical movement in Petersburg and the establishment of Christian churches in the area. Started the girls' 4-H program in Menard County. Laments the loss of old family houses in Menard County.