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Lives in a house built in 1839. Never lived in an new house. Recalls a project to reconstruct a log cabin in Clayville. Her great-grandparents, her husband's grandparents and great-grandparents all settled in New Salem at Clary's Grove. Discusses her lineage. Tells the story about her relatives buying cattle. Tells a story about her relatives making clay bricks in a kiln.
Had planned to teach after college. Took two years of Latin and mathematics, and two years of Greek. Had resources of University of Illinois through 4-H work later on. Thinks she should have taken psychology and sociology to work with children. Knows of one other living member of the class of 1912. Had planned to work for board, and started work peeling 5 bushels of peaches. Paid $1.50 per week for board the next year at a place across from the college. Tells story about boys at college taking pictures with their shirttails out on the dormitory steps. Boys also put a calf on the roof of Sturtevant tower on Halloween night where it made noise. Great-uncle Charlie Barton wrote first history of Illinois College. Had highest grades of high school students except one. Mother was ill at beginning of sophomore and stayed at home with her. Greek professor said her problem was that she learned too easily. Was interested in Westminster Presbyterian Church and tells about a conversation she had with a state executive in Christian education.