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Mentions numerous activities of women. Men were too busy with farm work to help with washing, carrying wood for stove, carrying water. Describes making of soap using ashes from stove. By April/May ash hopper was full & then started pouring water on ashes & then water would accumulate as lye. Mixed fat & tallow with lye in a big barrel & boil. Describes making of butter. Men did milking which was strained into wooden crocks. Mother skimmed cream from top of crocks & churned cream on Saturday. "It was oh so good." Made pancakes & biscuits & cottage cheese. Ironing done by women with no ironing boards. Table padded with covers used as iron. Describes different irons, some, but not all with handles. "Women were proud of their achievements." "Back in those days, women's work was women's work, men's work was men's work. All bedding made by hand. Women would have quilting-days where they would meet at a home. Feathers used as insulation.
Children cleaned lamps every morning. Children cleaned "silverware", really made of tin, with brick dust.
Mrs. Saiter's mother made bread & yeast for bread. Yeast made from hops that grew in garden. Neighbors came to her mother for yeast. Hops picked in July.