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First car when daughter was very little. Father never owned a car. Rode train to Indianapolis to get married. First car she remembers was owned by Mr. Fickbiner, who called himself a millionaire. Description of early cars with snap on curtains for side-windows. Mentions cars with rumble-seat. Detailed story of riding in back of truck to go to Indianapolis. She could tell they were going in the wrong direction by location of the moon. Heated bricks & put blankets & straw in back of truck to stay warm. Chevrolet truck leaked water.
Mentions 60 bushels per acre was a good crop of corn. Description of shucking corn. Some men hired themselves out to shuck corn "up on the prairie" & could shuck 100 bushels a day. Most corn fed to livestock, very little to sell. Discussion of improvements in farming-equipment. Most changes occurred after WWII. Notes husband died in July 1950 & did not get to see new binders or corn-pickers. Mentions prices of farm-equipment. Husband did have a 2-row cultivator that you sat on, but father's cultivator was a walk-behind.