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Slow Food founded in 1986 in Italy as a revolt to fast-food industry. Romans were outraged at McDonald's plans to create fast food in Rome. 40% of current Slow Food members reside in Italy. Slow Food goals include having food that is healthy to the environment, healthy to eat, and accessible to everyone. Additional goals of sustainable systems and saving crop and livestock species from extinction. 93% of such species have become extinct since 1900. Average travel distance for modern food is 1500 mi. Trying for more local providers. Slow Food organizations now on college campuses, in many local communities. Slow Food in Springfield is currently involved in educating consumers about food sources and delivery system. Visit to local farm (Jubilee Farm) & tomato wine and cheese tasting event scheduled. 21 varieties of tomatoes available. Consumers are really co-producers and need to be good stewards of the land and our food system