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Born in the area. His home was his grandfather's. Uncles also in area. Family get-togethers at Christmas. Grandfather was very conservative about partying and quiet. Mother's father was a doctor in Carrollton. Told stories about 1918 flu epidemic; people left him sandwiches in their mailboxes while he was on his rounds. Doctor's family had parties and were outgoing. Family came from NC in the mid-1800s. Five generations from Carrollton. Great-great grandmother (arrived 1822) and her brother came over from England in 1821. She and three brothers bought 480 acres at Edwardsville land office. Describes auction bidding. Twenty-two relatives came in 1822 from England, wagons, boat, and wagons. Country looked wild to her. Built a house the next year. They lived in log cabins at first. She contracted a builder in 1823. $6.50/1000 bricks. Moved in in December.