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Mabel was a legal secretary working in Chicago. She would go to Milford, IL to see her parents on the weekend. She and Charles were on the same train one weekend ("The Meadowlark"). He warned her about the curve in the track that can throw you off your seat. He asked her for her phone number and she complied. They married in 1956 and had a child George in 1958. Mabel was eleven years younger than Charles. She was a secretary for an Illinois state senator at the time. After Charles retired, Maybelle became his secretary. Narrator's brothers went to college and it was just her and Maybelle on the farm for the weekdays, until George was born. They then had something in common that drew the together.
The Wheat Referendum was a symbol for farmers to focus on as a direction the government would take. Farmers were allowed to vote on it and they defeated the Wheat Referendum. Around this time, Time Magazine did a cover story on Charles on September 3, 1965. Charles thought the worry on poverty could be helpful. After the first meeting he had with Johnson, he reported that none of the presidents had as foul a mouth as Johnson. Johnson viewed himself as a country man so he had some common ground with Charles.
Narrator went to U of I to become a social studies teacher. After teaching for a while, the narrator became a water color painter. She married her high school classmate Roger Roney. They have a farm north of Sullivan. The have about 1000 acres.