The John Deere Collections Center

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The John Deere Collections Center,

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He was interested in how adjustments were made to equipment, how seed was selected, use of insecticides. Was introduced to low impact farming through his contact with local residents in farming community. Talked 1 on 1 to customers when equipment was being worked on. Even though some local residents never got past high school, they were very intelligent and understood finances. In these ways, he was able to learn both new and old school thoughts, choosing which ones he wanted to apply to his own life situation. Participated in on the job training. For example, worked in a salvage yard operated by John Deere. At this location, he was able to work on Pre 1960 2 cylinder tractors. Was involved in painting tractors. Says he got to where he understood them. Whenever a 2 cylinder arrived, he got opportunity to work on them because more senior mechanics wanted to work on newer modals. Eventually moved into the parts department to expand his horizons. (Hands never really healed) With a friend, began to locate rare equipment parts. Friendship led to establishment of the John Deere Collectors Center in Moline. Now In charge of day to day operations. Center is actively working on restoring tractors in the shop. Responsible for the finances and ordering of parts. Authenticity of parts is important.