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Temporary help in fall help customers. In summer, Hispanic labor do field work and packing. Hire Mexicans with local managers. Martin became an American & worked for 18 years. Most workers are from Michouacan. City of Chernostico. Lately the H-2A program for seasonal workers; broader reach into border communities. Rely on firms to source workers. Bussed from Monterey, Mexico. Hire migrants rather than locals. Locals do not look for seasonal work. Fruit growers depend on hand labor. Pay starts at ten dollars an hour. Piecework bonus extra, free housing and transportation. Housing is a mix of a labor camp, state-regulated. Also some old farmhouses. Those with families have a home. Most migrants come as individuals. H-2A has grown in last three years. Employer cannot refuse a document from employee. If you use H-2A, they check to make sure workers are legal.