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Given an annual allowance to go to Harvard. Saved half his two thousand dollar allowance. When graduated, he had $3,500.00. He had no idea what he wanted to do at Harvard. One day he saw the crews on the river. He wanted to join. Started rowing practice for the first time. He rowed for four years. Story about scuffles with townies. Gave him discipline, hard work and patience. When he went to Buffalo, IL to start organic farming, he had the discipline against the odds. Spent time with father in France with brother and cousins, doing work. After Harvard, he went back and worked in the business for four months. Relationship close with mother - father jealous? After Harvard, went to Art Student's League for drawing. Of the 90,000 artists in New York, one would be famous and four could earn a living, so gave it up. Steven Galadi, Harvard grad, wanted to resurrect the field Service by trying to raise money from the high school at 600 dollars each with a student exchange program with Europe. He volunteered to go to Lincoln High to inform them of the program. Mother gave $100, he gave $50, and no more. But principal purloined $200 from school funds. First to meet the challenge. First exchanges the next year.
Father expelled him from his home because jealous of his activities. Had his savings. Gave himself training in farming. Louis Bromfield was a mentor. Bromfield explained how his farm worked to a crowd.
Michael stayed with friends in the east. Asked Dr. Pfeiffer for a job, but no answer. He wanted to know how to milk a cow &; asked around for work. One man paid five dollars a day. You could only work ten hours a day. Said he could milk & learn on the job. Started at 4