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The school in Reno was initially a two year high school. When Fred attended, it was first through eighth grade, and three years of high school. There were four other people in his graduating class. They didn't have electives. The teachers only taught one grade a year, so you might start with second grade, then do first grade the year after. There was a tax in the area that supported high school education. When Fred returned from the Army he served on the school board for a time. Some of the one room schools were so low on students and money that they became incorporated into a larger school. Fred when to college at Blackburn College in Carlinville, IL. He worked on the school's dairy farm, milking cows. After graduating from Blackburn (which was a two year school), he returned to the farm.
Attended Sunday school and church. Became a member of the church at an early age and has been active in it ever since. It is a Presbyterian church. They are on their fourth church building. The first one was in a cemetery, and it burned down. Another church was built on the same location. The third and fourth churches were built about a quarter mile down from the cemetery. The current building was built in 1891. Before the days of the county fair, they would have a Farmers Institute in the church building. It was started by a Reno man named John Hardley around 1900. After World War II, they have done county fairs. He has served on different church committees. He also joined the Gideons, distributing Bibles around the world.