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Talks about competitors. The old Prairie Farmer's Station became Wonderful Rock and Roll, WLS, the first rock and roll station in Chicago. This happened right before Orion came on the air. He had the right timing to take over the market. Then started doing television specials. In 1963 they started a daily morning show. He talks about the changes of the radio station. They had a live band everyday. Still have many of the same programs.
Talks about what agriculture was like when he was growing up and when he started broadcasting. The biggest change he's seen is globalization. In 1960, the radio station did weather, stock market reports and interviews. Today, they do reports on South America and Australia. The impact of what's happening outside of the United States is equally important to what's happening inside. Today's program content is almost 180 degrees from what it was when he started. There were no computers when he started. A bell rang when there was a bulletin. Talks about America entering the global market, and when America first sold wheat to the Soviet Union. Richard Nixon's embargo and price freeze forced Japan to turn to Brazil for soybeans. Discusses the beginning of the soil bank, where land was taken out of production and placed in the soil bank.