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Names, Dates, & Places
Columbia sheep originated in 1941 in Wyoming, one of the few American breeds. A cross between Rambouillet and Lincoln sheep. The national show has been held every year. Columbias are dual purpose in that they are used for their meat and wool. They have a "dirty look" to their wool. They are known as the Gentle White Giants and for their mothering abilities.
Manda's parents got into sheep when she was 2. She has grown up with sheep and is part of a national group of youth sheep showers. She is the junior advisor for the Junior National Association. She helps kids gaint heir own control and leadership. Her family's farm is in Morrison, IL, 20 minutes from Iowa, and an hour from Wisconsin. They only raise sheep, 65 Columbia ewes and 65 Southdown ewes. Her brother raises the Southdown which is a meat breed. They also raise hay to feed the sheep, they have 17 acres. Growing up on the farm she learned a great deal about work and responsibility, and wouldn't trade those experiences for anything. Her least favorite chores were pitching pens, feeding, trimming hooves, checking on the herd at night. She enjoyed feeding the lambs with bottles.