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Footage of a cow drinking water. Cattle need to be washed and brushed before being shown. To brush them, you pull all the hair in the back forward and the hair in the front you pull down, it makes them look longer. Different grooming methods give the cows different looks. They have simmental and red angus cows. The family is traveling the fair season, this is their third and they have two more. It's a year round process. They break the cows by hooking the halter to a donkey who leads them and kicks them if they don't follow. They have raised sheep, goats, and pigs in the past, but they are better equiped for cows. The angus has a seperate category, but all other breeds are shown together. The two winners are then compared. For the junior shows, the first place wins $55. The open show winners get "a lot more." Since this fair is close to home they just drive home at night, but at some fairs they sleep in the barn. The cow Dianna is going to show has kicked four times today. It is his first time away from the farm.
The rope around the cow's face is a halter. Tied around their neck is the neck rope. Show sticks are used to position the legs of the cow. Several types of brushes are used. If the judge touches the animal , you should fix its hair. They also bring fans to cool the cows. if the cows are wet and put under a fan it helps their hair grow. When cutting the cow's hair, you shave everything from their front shoulder forward. They don't like it when you mess with their ears. They use Joy Soap to clean the cows.