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They have three dump pits and trucks are dumped based on moisture, foreign material or damage. The pits are designed for two hoppers. When they load a train they send 500 truck loads at a time to Texas and Mexico for cattle feed. Each rail car has three containers; each train has 110 cars. It takes about seven hours to load. Four engines are used to pull the train.
They have to grade the grain before they ship it out, just as it was shipped in. A shaker sorts out the foreign material.
Federally licensed inspectors have to grade the grain before it goes out. The Decatur Grain Inspection check the quality of the corn before it's shipped. Not allowed to hire their own employees to grade the corn, they have to be federal employees.
A computer is used to control the flow of the grain in and out of the bins. The loading room also has a computer for controlling loading. It takes about three minutes to load a rail car. Requirements for loading, according to Burlington Northern Santa Fe, are that they can handle a 110 car train and do it in less than 15 hours .They're one of the better grain operations. Generally corn is brought in from a thirty mile radius.