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Tofu comes in two varieties, one refrigerated, which is fresh, and one called silken, which has a shelf life. There are different textures of tofu, from extra firm to soft and this is determined by how much water is left in the tofu. Regular tofu is very bland and will take on the flavor of whatever you are cooking it with. It can be fried or put in dips, often used in soups. Most people don't like the texture of tofu. Marilyn likes to introduce it to people in a lasagna, substituting it for cottage cheese. Silken tofu is a different texture and will not slice, you can't fry it. It is good for baking and for smoothies. It is used to replace eggs and oils, a lot of health benefits. Soy flour is available in two varieties, defatted and fatted, defatted can be stored longer. Soy flour has no gluten so it is used more as a supplement and can't be used alone. Things made with soy flour holds onto moisture and flavors better, it browns quicker. They have worked with countries in Africa to provide high protein food for kids. In the US, it is dificult to get people to start using soy products in their cooking.