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They are a part of Pembroke Farm and Family. They market their produce in Kankakee, Country Club Hills, Austin community--neighborhood in Chicago. expanding to Inglewood. They sell at farmer's markets. There are 16 farms in the group. Right now they sell four days a week in farmer's markets. Trying to develop Farmer's Market in Hopkins park. Part of University of Illinois Extension, Kankakee County. They're on the council for Kankakee county. Extension is a way to develolp programs like economic progams and positive programs for youth like 4H. Participate in fair, teach home economics, take part in the community. Extension council goes over the budget and makes suggestions as part of the community.
Agritourism is a great way to promote farming. Trying to build a barn tour through the Extension program.
They start with a placement heiffer who is bred. A female baby is given and the breeder keeps the placement heiffer.
Cattle is moved from paddock to paddock and not fed from feed lots. Once they have build up hay they will sell it on the market. Lack equpiment to have feed lots or get their hay cut. This way they know what their cattle are eating. They eat hay. If a paddock runs out they supplement feed with hay.