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Mentions trapping rabbits in the timber, trapping mink & opossum around hen-house. Mink & opossums were pests that would get chickens. Sometimes raccoons would get into chickens. Recalls abundance of skunks in barn. Blacksmith in town bought animals for skins. Bert sold him $35-$40 of skunk.
Hunted squirrel, rabbit, raccoon, quail, & wood-hens in the timber. Recalls wild pigeons in the 1000's. Pigeons were very good eating. Mentions plovers who would feed on wheat. Obtained double barrel muzzle-loading shotgun from uncle who was a teacher in St. Louis. He wasn't a good shot, but liked watching skeet. Did not take part because people would gamble on skeet shoot. Describes loading of muzzle-loader. Does not recall many deer. Describes great number of rabbits in hazel brush near Litchfield & being surprised by deer.