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Describes the jobs required on a threshing crew. Two bundle cutters, two feeders, the engineer, water tank driver, and others. A wagon full of grain pulled up along the thresher, bundles were pitched-forked (by the pitchers) to the bundle cutter , who cut the twine off with a sharp knife, and the grain fed into the machine. Herndon was a bundle-cutter for several seasons. The feeder's job was dirty because the cylinders would force dust and dirt up. The bundle wagon crew was about six to pitchfork the bundles and drive across to the thresher. When the crew came to his farm, he stacked straw, which was easier and less dirty than the feeding jobs. Tells the story of a job where the creek had overflowed onto the field and soaked the shocks, leaving mud on every straw. When it went through the thresher, all the dirt was cracked off and whirled in the air.