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Bert had certified check for $300 for his bid on land. Land available was spread over 3 counties & used to be Indian land. Lost bid on best piece of land by $1. This took Bert's enthusiasm for that OK land. Discusses trip to NM years later to buy land. Land-Office agent recommended people as locaters. Describes how buggy wheel measured distance & finding survey posts buried in sand. Bert lost the money he bid on the NM land. On Bert's return to IL his dad offered him the Honey Bend farm & Bert was pleased & gave up looking for land to homestead. Mentions how there were several IL people who went to NM to homestead. Calls southerners a bit lethargic.
Discusses crops grown in NM. Differences between long & short stem cotton. Mentions that they grew good watermelons in NM. Story about digging for a well through white chalk-like earth. Mentions people getting killed in well while digging due to lack of air.