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Warren's first car was a new 1949 Ford. Reflects on using up his savings.
Around that time he converted the coal burning furnace to gas. Electricity had been made available during the War, Warren had helped wire the house. Had an electric washing machine, but remembers his mother's crank washer. Deep freezer, could butcher and preserve their own meat then. Talks about the fireplace in grandmother's house during a freak ice storm. Guesses he got a TV in the early 1950s, great new entertainment, remembers Milton Berle.
Talks about selling eggs in town, or going to church. Used to bowl until family came along. Only went to town for necessities or Friday night. Went more often when wife worked. Describes what DeKalb had to offer at that time. Recalls special sales on milk.
Reflects on the future of the family farm, isn't likely, mentions the changes that would have to take place, efficiency of machinery, mass production. Thinks in the next 40 years there might be changes in fuel, energy sources. Thinks there will be more efficiency and bigger crop and yields. Price of food will be affected. Comments on taxes, borrowing and the economy in the future.