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Butchering was a special event. Uncle came to house to help butcher 2-3 hogs. Mother would cook lard in cast iron pots with "leaf lard," fat around the kidney. Describes making lard. Ground their own sausage, another special event, and kids would watch. Seasoned sausage with salt, pepper, and sage, and stored it in stone crocks with grease from cooking. Kept grease from storage and made gravy with it. Did not butcher after parents died. Describes process of curing hams. Dipped hams in hot water with hot peppers in it to take salt off and keep pests away. Describes process of smoking hams. Mother baked and boiled hams. Cooked hams in pieces because whole hams were too big to fit in stove. Water that ham was boiled in was cooked and made into gravy.