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Mother did sewing until the kids were old enough, and then she taught them how to sew. Got patterns out of pictures and made her own. Had a couple quilts being made at the same time. No longer quilt because they don't need the quilts, can not see as well, and developed arthritis. Made up designs and made slanting lines, checks, diamonds, and spider webs. Used cotton inside the quilts. Also used to make and tack comforters. Found some old quilts of their great-grandmother's recently. Tatted handkerchiefs and sold them. Tells story about making mistakes while tatting. Crocheted also. Both sisters enjoyed sewing, quilting, and crochet.
Went to church every Sunday and Christian Endeavor, a discussion group before church. Went to church twice a day, but the church stopped having service at night, and it was too far to walk at night. Walked 5 miles round trip. Ate supper when they came home at night. Mother went to church when they were little but did not later on. Describes going to school as a child wearing a leghorn hat. Grandparents went to church until they could not see or hear very well.