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Born in Menard County near Athens on May 10, 1887. Had 2 brother and 4 sisters.
First teacher was Miss Nina May Hale. Started in spring at 5 years old, but he still played ball and catch with bigger boys. He and brother rode ponies to school. If it was raining on the ride back they could spend the night at cousin's house on the way home from school. Tells story about stopping at cousin's house even though it wasn't raining. When sisters began going to school all the children rode in a wagon and took the neighbor girl to school also. Went to Indian Point school which had only an upper room and a lower room. Originally there were 2 years of high school, then there were 4. Went to high school for two years, then Springfield Business College while boarding nearby for 6 months to take arithmetic, spelling, and bookkeeping, then University of Illinois for 2 years to take a special agricultural course. Did not want to take English. Came back to farm to help father.
Most farmers walked to town to get their mail. Sometimes used spring wagon, big wagon, or lumber wagon. Some roads were muddy. Tells story about driving wagons on muddy roads.
Served several years on the school board after leaving school. On board of trustees for church for 30 years. Brother, a church elder, died so Mr. Culver became the new elder. Indian Point Church was built in 1862 and fellowship hall was built 1960. Sunday school students grew a lot over the years. Tried to sing in church choir which gave concerts and an anthem every Sunday. Joined church at about 15 at the same time as 3-4 other boys.