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She and her brother were raised with a plan to go to college. Both went to University of Illinois.
Graduation present was a trip out west by train with her brother, uncle Dave and his bride, her son, and Marie's cousin. They went to St. Louis, Denver, Pike's Peak, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City, Yellowstone National Park for a week. Rode a horse-drawn carriage around the park. In CA, they went to San Diego and San Francisco, who each had their own competing world's fair, and Catalina Island. Came home via St. Paul and Chicago. Visited the Board of Trade.
She chose University of Illinois over Milliken. Went with her mother on the Interurban trolley line to register in July. Chose a residence with another student. She had a lot of cultural advantages others did not have, although she came from a sheltered rural area and school. "I was a little country girl." Learned to like symphony & ballet. She and her brother had some land from an aunt, so they learned to handle money well. Her first roommate abused medication, so Marie moved to the YWCA for a semester. Missed dorm life, so roomed at a Presbyterian Hall the next year. This roommate was later her maid of honor at her wedding. Never joined a sorority but wished for its advantages when she moved to OH and had to make new friends again.