Animal Activities

This section of Natural Science Lesson Plans contains activities about animals in agriculture.

 Insect Pests

The first lesson,Insect Inventory, has students hear/see oral interviews in which farmers talk about the insect pests that attacked their crops (1900- today). Then they will take an insect inventory of a square yard of ground and count and list the insects found. They will then graph the gathered data, compare results for different areas of ground (and conditions).

Horse Traits

The second lesson features Oba Herschberger's oral history clips about his horse's traits, and to Doug Parrett's clips about judging livestock by their traits. A worksheet is in the plan by Ag in the Classroom.


The third lesson, on worms, is borrowed from the Utah Ag in the Classroom Website. Watch the Jim Kinsella video oral history and see how worms help the soil. Then bring worms into the class to observe them and learn more.

Inventory Your Garden for Insects388.97 KB
Horse Genetic Traits from Ag in the Classroom122.19 KB
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