UIS Collection K-M, Segment 2

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Kirby 1
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UIS Collection K-M, Segment 2
UIS Collection K-M
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BACKGROUND Names, Places, & Dates: 1890-1900; Petersburg, IL; Colorado Springs, CO; Pisgah Mountain, CO; Boulder, CO; 1900-1910; Petersburg Harris High School; Illinois College; 1910-1920 1.) BACKGROUND: General Introduction; Family; Family Background/History; Marriage; Children; Relatives; Parents; Education; Narrator's Childhood Education; Narrator's College Education; Reflections/Stories; Born August 5, 1891 near Petersburg in the same house where her mother was born and grew up. Her great-grandfather and his brother married two sisters. Mother met father at the youth program at the Baptist church at the music conservatory in Jacksonville, IL, while training in piano. Father was native to Morgan County but is well-known in Menard County. Parents married in Baptist church at Baker's Prairie near Petersburg in 1889. Father worked for Wells Fargo in Kansas City, MO, after graduating high school in Jacksonville. Parents tried farming on mother's parents' farm, but moved back to city after farming 2 years. Worked for Wells Fargo again, then in hardware and undertaking, then at Wells Fargo again. Recalls living in Colorado Springs and picking berries on Pisgah Mountain. Transferred to Boulder, CO, in 1902. Visited relatives for summer months in Illinois. Moved back into great-grandfather's house later when moving back to IL. Entered Petersburg Harris High School in 1904. Attended Illinois College in 1908, and recalls neighbors' disapproval of her going to college. Went to college for 2 years, then married a farmer in 1911.