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Bert corrects himself on nationality of Mr. Rovey (German not French) & mentions what good farmers the Roveys were. (addenda item# 98, see Aikman 9, Clip# 813)
Discussion of the veterinarian Dr. Snyder who kept both the serum and cholera virus for hog-cholera. Most hog-farmers did not keep up with vaccinations & did not want the virus injected into their hogs. Give hogs weight when given "treatment". Story of Dr. Snyder's surgery on a horse & twisting their twitch (lower lip) to keep control of horse. Story of Bert's carelessness in not getting sheep vaccinated one year & several dying when vaccinated. Mentions how sheep would clean up fields of weeds & keep things neat-looking. Hired person to shear sheep. Bert had Delco in barn so anyone with electric shears could do shearing. (addenda item# 99, see Aikman 9, Clip# 813)