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Lived with husband on farm for 32 years with no contract, and retired at 60-70 years old. Son was struggling with employee, so he asked parents to come live with him and his wife. Plans to stay with son until she needs to stay in a nursing home, although she considered going to an independent living facility. Used to check the house for intruders when she came home at night, but does not now. Had cataract surgery and can not drive. Husband was too old to drive. Attends a Senior Citizens' group at the church, and if she plans to miss an event they send someone to pick her up anyway. Received 27 cards on her birthday. Group goes to church together, sees entertainers, makes trips to places like the nuclear power plant in Clinton, IL, and always eats dinner. Usually play bingo too. Went to a school pageant once with a substitute teacher, and get their blood pressures taken and flu shots for free in Waynesville.