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(Nigger Lake is a lake that rises and then disappears through the years.) She remembers her parents having to drive wagons through the lake, whipping the frightened horses. Water on the road came up to the knees. You had to hold perishables above the wagon when you crossed. Nigger Ben lived by the lake and warned people when the lake was rising. If people had no guide light, they closed the road and went around through fields.
He had a cabin by the road. Had a two-wheeled cart drawn by an animal she couldn't name (not mule). Sometimes he came to their house. Got his milk from a nearby dairy farmer in his cart. Area families used ground around there for reunions. Invited Ben to join them. He was a good violinist. Exploring that area and woods resulted in getting chiggers and burrs. Had threshing dinners outside with neighborhood crew, potluck.