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Three-wheel tractors was to emulate the work of the four-wheeled one. Front wheel went down between rows, like a team of horses setup would do. Notes different row widths in past. Rows gauged differently now - 30 inch rows instead of 40. All use 4 row tractors now. Discusses improvements in tractors. Versatile use in plowing, cultivation, & chemical application. Farmers usually had to buy own machinery. All farmers use them at the same time. Equipment is expensive to buy and to lease. Some local dealers lease equipment, but it is not common here, more common in the east. Dickey-John planter has a seed counter. Advantage is that light flashes when it stops planting for some reason. Allows you to fix it and replant that area. Seed germination speed depends on moisture and temperature. If you missed a row, hard to go back and replant after seeds germinated. Counters are optional equipment. Fertilizers are not put on at planting. Insecticides for corn root borers can be applied from a box on the back of the planter. Air dusting of crops with any product. He thinks ground level application gives better coverage.