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"We were a happy family."
Mentions stream nearby. Discusses fishing equipment, a wooden pole, string, & a hook. Mentions sitting around fireplace & father reading from Bible. "We treasured our evenings a great deal." Mentions respect for authority & other people. Discipline in home & school. Father was boss of the family, "That was as natural as daylight." Never heard parents quarrel. Parents had mutual respect. Mentions preparations of horses, surrey, & equipment before going to church. Mother kept pretty busy cooking, sewing, knitting, etc.
Holidays were few & far between. No telephone or automobiles so most celebrations in the home. Easter was an important holiday. Chickens starting to lay just before Easter. Children allowed to collect eggs 3wks prior to Easter & use them anyway they wished. Walnut bark used as brown dye. Red, white, & yellow onion skins used for red, pink, & yellow dyes. Doesn't remember having Thanksgiving celebration. They raised turkeys to sell but never ate them. Selling turkeys provided money for clothing, shoes, etc. Father repaired all shoes. Children had 1 pair of shoes to last the year. Mentions that a friend's ".. Father was a crook.", but his girls dressed well. Lesson was that Mrs. Saiter should be proud because her father was honest & provided for family honestly. Mother never used slang or talk badly of anyone.