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She had garden & raised chickens in Marshall.
House in town (where John & Irene Saiter now live) did not have indoor plumbing, but it did have electricity. House was nicer than the previous farmhouse. Still had range-stove, but no furnace. Describes 2nd house lived in Marshall. Kerosene range on back porch. Ate on screened-in back porch in summertime.
She did sewing & babysitting in Marshall to make ends meet because husband did not make much money (only $15/wk). In 1950 he was making $30/wk. "We raised 2 girls & sent them to high school on $15/wk." She made all daughter's clothing.
Wanted her children to have education she could not have. She did ironing so daughter could have piano lessons. Husband was never interested in having children go on to high school. She mentions difference between her & husband's family in their attitude towards education. Gilbert family valued education & many relatives were doctors, nurses, or teachers while Saiter family was indifferent. Also mentions difference in ambition between her & husband.
She could not get boarders for house after husband died. She moved in with daughter Evelyn & her family. Story of leaving Marshall. She was frightened to death to leave. Mentions getting bitter about taking care of mother & having to leave school. She did have experience nursing people. Could not find factory-work because she was too old (55). Did sewing for people & got a job in a private tearoom making salads in Chicago. Then began nursing an elderly woman for $10/wk.