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Discussion of father's work for oil company. Notes salary & James having to get various jobs when oil rig moved. Describes long day's work that ended with taking care of livestock. Stayed out of school to work. Work ended when work was done & pay was the same regardless. Horses were worked in the oil fields up to the mid-1940s when trucks & tractors became available. No horse teams after 1944. Notes $0.52/hr salary when working for Ohio Oil. Father worked till heart attack. No pension & no benefits. Story of President of Big Four regarding salary & work of working man. Discussion of NRA & new labor laws when Roosevelt became President. Notes that oil companies were against new labor laws & better treatment of workers. Notes long hours when ice-storms & bad weather occurred in winter. No labor contracts with days off, vacation, etc. until 1945. Notes $0.80/hr salary in 1945.