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The flu epidemic killed about 20 million people, twice as many who died in the first World War. Jackie's aunts Ida and Lillian lived downtown where her dad would go to visit when he was a boy. He would play with a boy named Lowell Putney. During the flu epidemic the entire Putney family died. Jackie's father, brother, grandma, and uncle all got sick, but didn't die. The only people left to work were her grandpa, Charlie Keller the milkman, and Aunt Lillian. Charlie would deliver to one side of town then go get another load and do the other side of town. After the flu passed they were haggard and tired. Jackie draws comparisons to the Black Death in Europe.
Early on they deliver milk in a buggy. Later got a wagon, painted cream and brown. Pulled by a horse. The truck was built with a dip instead of a door so you didn't have to keep opening and closing the door. During the war they had to make-do with other types of trucks for milk delivery. There was a ridge that made it uncomfortable to ride in the truck. One time a bunch of her friends were in the truck, her brother was driving. Another driver blew a stop sign and hit the milk truck. When they got it back to the garage they put a sign on it that said "Sorry."