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Had two bad years, 1996 and 2007. Insurance is written by USDA, carried by national companies; government subsidized. Takes away risk. Lost crop meant they had 2 per cent of peach crop. Crop insurance is general for all farms. Can participate at different levels. CSP (Conservation Sustainability Program) adds techniques to prevent erosion, etc. Started a restaurant in 1984 in the store. In 1998 expanded. Today's country store was a roadside stand. Bakery expanded in the 1970s. Fruit pies a specialty. Has a line of cakes, muffins. Meat counter stopped for 20 years when regulations changed and megamarts appeared, but reintroduced one in the 1990s in the deli. People support local stores today. Wine is new addition. Selling world wines and locals. Custard shop started in the 1980s. Garden center added in the 1970s; wife specializes in that. Flourished in the 1990s and built large center.