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Was offered positions at U. of I. but interviewed at Oklahoma and Colorado State and was offered jobs. But he wanted to concentrate on animals, and his wife didn't like the western states. So decided to work at U. of I. Wife. Susan Leemacher Parrett, has a 90-year old father who still practices dentistry. Her mother is "Mrs. Joliet" because she has done so much for the city. He and wife met in college; in finance and banking for twelve years, raised kids, now involved in marketing a nursing home. Family was not farming one.
Reflects on his relationship with his father. Everyone liked him. Positive person. He took off-farm jobs in winter to supplement income - furniture building, steel plant. He thought that Doug's not coming back to the farm would benefit the son. He inherited the farm with his brother, but a cousin farms the land. They sharecrop with each other. The land in the family is shared but no one person wants to sell any off. In future, they will valuate the property. His brother (no offspring) has deeded half his land to Doug's children. Predicts the farm will survive one more generation.