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Born in London during 1926 General Strike. Had an apartment of Charles Street. Went to school during dense fogs, during which you could not go outside. William Scully, grandfather, was ninth in a large Irish family and never had a good income. In 1850 he read about rich land in Midwest US. Brother lent him ten thousand pounds to emigrate. Came to Logan County and bought thirty thousand acres. This was land still left untouched or unoccupied. Logan County was half under water. He anticipated future rail lines in the area between St. Louis and Chicago. He had a strong will, was audacious, had principles in the form of lists. Today the land is still intact, being farmed, with long-term tenants. He later bought ten thousand acres in Grundy-Livingston counties, and west in Nebraska (40,000 a) and Kansas (30-35K a) and his brother bought 25K in Louisiana. Still in the family in trust. Total was quarter of a million acres. He became a citizen. He had two families, a child who became manager and inherited 3500 acres in Kansas that had oil on it. He remembers getting Christmas presents from rich Aunt Florrie.
Tenant relationship different from usual one in Illinois. Most tenants have stayed on from generation to generation. They sell their tenancies onward. Lease is a one-year lease that can be terminated, but don't refuse the same tenants. They pay a cash rent, an Irish and European instrument. Landed gentry want a steady income. Landlord does not have to pay for building repair.