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The adult deer that were bottle fed are dog tamed, docile, easy to handle, and demand attention. Artificial insemination to make these fawns. They buy semen and inseminate their does. They're trying to build larger and larger antlers. Some bucks are used for breedings and others are fenced in with larger antlers for sport hunting. They don't sell venison, maybe in the future. The antlers of a one year old buck are soft, the blood is flowing through them. They're warm, have feeling and they're itchy and very sensitive. Antler development is determined by genetics, nutrition, or bodily injury or trauma to antlers themselves or shedding too soon. They shed the bone part of their antlers in the late winter. If shed improperly the pedicle or bone by the head could be lost too. Not bottle fed does are very nervous. There is a very hard class social structure for the deer. The deer are fed by people instead of eating grass because its more nutrious. This also keeps them a little more tame. Shows off Raider, a two year old buck. He's a trophy animal, he is what their trying to grow. Buck fawns are not bottle fed, good mothers get to keep their does and fawns they don't plan on keeping and don't need tame aren't bottle fed.. Fawns don't go to the bathroom on their own. Those that aren't bottle fed don't get as good nutrients or protein.