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Was dating steadily at 16. Met husband at county fair before they went to college. Sending and keeping postcards was popular, so she sent a postcard to him after she met him. Wrote to each other from fall to spring before having a date. Was proud to be "sweet 16 and never been kissed." Boys did not put arm over back of chair if someone else was there. Went buggy riding but did not sit close together. Sometimes got in races with buggies with other couples. Describes her first date with her future husband, where they sang and played Red Wing. Had Children's Day and was forced to perform and recite the Old Settler Story by William Carleton. Students worked harder at Sunday school, now children are not expected to know scripture or dramatizations. Every Friday at school in childhood they held spelling bees and speeches. Laments the spelling and grammar of college students today. Traveled with horse and buggy all the time.