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Problem for employers because there are no Americans that apply for the jobs. Employees have come to depend on immigrants for lots of jobs. Americans created the system for years; suddenly closing the borders. This avoids the problem of twelve million illegals already here. Hypocritical to turn back on new immigrants. If employers are taking advantage by abusing illegal employees, this is a problem. Our Latino workers are our friends. I am dependent on them. Employees are at the mercy of employers. Farmers cannot pay $50,000 a year to someone to pick fruit. Cannot increase the wage to $25/hour of a hand laborer. People will not pay prices on fruit for that. Fruit prices have gone up twenty per cent. Farmers would move out of the country. Jobs are bottom-rung to start out. Get new employees often. H-2A is effective; allows immigrants a way in. Do not create an indentured servant system. Does not allow for these employees to advance. Second problem -what do you do with the twelve million? Need avenue for legality. Needs regulations for border, but should welcome all with good intentions.