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Talks about GMOs next to non-GMO plants and how they can mix. Monsanto display. Have to be very careful of where things are placed where wind can move it to non-GMO plants. An example is where GMO corn was accidentally shipped to Japan. Talks about Extension Service. Commodity organizations handle check off programs, not the Extension Service. There are around 60 commodity organizations. Talks about how check off program works for corn, soybean, pork, beef, almonds. These producers get together to research and promote their products. Has to go through the USDA. Talks about advances beef has made in making new cuts, advertising and how this has dramatically changed consumption. Beef check off stopped a panic over beef when Mad Cow was found in Canada. Talks about changes in soybeans. Henry Ford brought soybeans over to put into his automobile glass. Now Iowa and Illinois are huge soybean producers. Soybean paint, soybean cooking oil, soybean ink, soybean snack foods, candles, and wood glue are some of the known uses for soybeans, and new uses are continuing to be discovered.